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At the end of November, I will have been on tumblr for an entire year! Feels like forever. I know for some 100 doesn’t seem like a very big number, but to me it’s pretty awesome. :)

I want to thank the first four people to ever have followed me.

minatobaby: You were my very first follower! And you still follow me even though I post some sad, depressing junk on here. And when I go on kpop sprees, heh-heh. We like a lot of the same things and you’re super sweet and very awesome so I hope you’ll keep following me. 

ayuna: I was honestly shocked when you started following me. You’re blog is so adorable and so great and sometimes I’ll just hang out on it because it’s so pretty /total not creepy. I love your witty responses and sense of humor, thank you! 

mewmewmint: Megan, my love! How I could write a million things telling you how my I love you. But instead I will wait to corner you on msn and shower you as you tell me about your day. 

monochrome-vii2iion2: Anjellllllllllll~ I love youuuu. I’m so glad you got a tumblr so even when we aren’t on facebook or not at school with each other we can always talk and be derps and RIDE! :D 

And now to thank more people I love:

fhksdghdf I love you guys so much! We get crazy as hell when we get fired up. I love getting up and getting on tumblr because of you guys! 


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